Taxpayers: Beware of phone scams

The IRS will never:

  • Call to demand immediate payment using a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer. Generally, the IRS will first mail a bill to any taxpayer who owes taxes.
  • Threaten to immediately bring in local police or other law enforcement groups to have the taxpayer arrested for not paying.
  • Demand that taxes be paid without giving taxpayers the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.
  • Call unexpectedly about a tax refund.

Taxpayers who receive these phone calls should:

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Do you find yourself struggling, confused, and feeling stressed out because you don’t know where to begin with compiling the necessary information for your taxes? Whether you find yourself struggling each year or consider yourself a pro, the IRS has recently posted an excellent article that is full of helpful tips to assist you with making the tax filing process easier this year.

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